For great success in a market, in-depth localization and customization of your website is key. Since you know what is best for your customers, tell us, and we will make it happen.​

A red-colored background with gold elements for your Chinese market? A purple-themed website with orchards for your south-east-Asian markets? A text-heavy website for targeting obscure markets? The possibilities are endless, and we would be happy to serve your requirements, the way you want it.​

Of course, you will not have to worry about hosting and operating your custom website. We will host your custom websites on our secure datacenters with infrastructure optimized for the Asian markets. With our CDN’s and Cloud Name Servers, your players will be able to reach these sites in a fast and reliable manner.​

If you are worried about the speed of your homepage development, worry no more – we will also designate a dedicated developer, designer, and support staff for each of your custom homepage so that your requests are handled with accuracy and speed. 

Custom Website

Custom Website Pricing

* China Premium service allows for a faster and more stable operation in mainland China through the addition of China-specific CDN and DNS